Pet Treater January 2016 Review & Coupon

Pet Treater January 2016 Review & Coupon

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Pet Treater January 2016 Subscription Box Review

“Pet Treater is a subscription program that treats your pet every month with quality items that won’t break your wallet. “

Pet Treater. We’ve been getting Pet Treater since October. We absolutely LOVE it! I was going to go with the popular BarkBox, but ran across these guys & decided to try them first.

They had a coupon for a free pet bed with subscription, so yeah, they won.Each box comes with a letter addressed to Sheba. My daughter loves to read them.This box came with eight items. One of which is for the “Human”.

3 bags of treats, 3 toys, a treat shooter, and the human’s item.This is January’s box, so it had a slight football theme. The letter talked about playing football with their humans, and one of the toys was a football!

We have a rottweiler & a basset hound, so we get the 51lb+ box. Sheba, the rottie goes through toys like there’s no tomorrow. Her teeth pierce the squeeker within seconds, and if it’s a stuffed toy, it will only last a few minutes before it’s got a whole in it. She’s not a huge fan of rubber toys, so it’s hard to please her.

The first item is a tug-o-war football toy made by Nerf. It’s a real sturdy rubber & rope toy. Sheba showed no interest in it which is a shame.

This would have been a good toy for the rough girl.

The first treat in the box is a bag of Jerkeez. It’s a 7oz bag of pizza flavored chewy dog treats. Chicken is the #1 ingredient. There is no sugar added, and is wheat, corn, & soy free. This product is made in the USA with all natural ingredients.

Pet Treater is very conscious about the types of treats they include in their monthly boxes.

The second toy in the box is a Nylabone for large dogs. It’s got grooves to place peanut butter, a hole to place treats, & another for kibble. The dogs love to like the peanut butter out of this. When Sheba started to try to pull the little nubs off of it though, I had to take it away. Silly dog.

We received two bags of Your Pet Chef No Guilt Treats. Some customers received two different treats instead of two of the same. As long as the dogs like them, it doesn’t matter to me! These are gluten & grain free. They are locally grown & all natural from the US. These are 3oz bags & contain chicken, cucumber, radish & kale. They would be great for a dog watching his weight as they are only 8 calories per treat.

Do you see this toy? Is this not the cutest toy ever?! I don’t want to give it to the girls, because I know it wont last 30 minutes. I eventually will, but for now, it’s hidden in their toy box. They get 2 toys at a time, and we rotate them.

This Pet Launcher was fun! LOL We were looking at one in the store, and my daughter had begged to get it. I told her no. Annnd then we get one in this month’s box! So funny. It was fun to use, but the dogs couldn’t understand. They kept staring at the shooter, not the flying treat. I’m sure they’ll learn after time. I do believe it’s more fun for the human than the dog. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this! 😉

The last item in the box is for the Human. This month it’s a Salad-to-Go container. I love it! It’s got a fork, and a space in the lid for dressing. This will definitely get used.

Unfortunately mine came cracked. However, I contacted JamminButter (Pet Treater’s parent company), and they sent one right out! No problem. Great customer service!

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Like I said, we love Pet Treater. We’ve never been disappointed. We signed up for 3 months. You get a slight discount the longer you subscribe, so our boxes worked out to be about $23 a month. I think you definitely get your money’s worth!

Pet toys & natural treats are expensive, ya know.My daughter gets excited when she sees me bringing this big box in the house. She loves digging through the box & seeing what the dogs got this month.If you have a dog you want to spoil….. get this box!!!

Updated Coupon! (3/17)

Get a FREE pet bed with your fist box! Use code: FREE-PTBED

  • Valid on 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions
  • Cannot be combined with any of our other coupon codes.
  • Valid while supplies lasts OR until 4/15/17

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