Blue Star Tropical Travel Patterns Adult Coloring Book

Blue Star Tropical Travel Patterns Adult Coloring Book

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Blue Star Tropical Travel Patterns Adult Coloring Book

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Adult coloring has become a very popular past-time. And why not? It’s relaxing, it’s calming, it brings out your artistic side, shutting down the stress you have from the logical side of your brain. Plus, you get to feel like I kid again!

This adult coloring book by Blue Star Coloring is of a tropical theme. Flowers, birds, plant-life, shells, beaches, and beautiful animals. The pictures are calming in of themselves, making you think of vacations, and tropical breezes while sipping a rum runner on the beach next to a rainforest. This book has over 30 designs. A very nice sized coloring book.

The pages are one-sided, and thick enough for crayons or colored pencils. Markers would definitely work, but you might want to protect the next page just in case. The pages are not perforated. Most of the shapes to color are of medium size. They’re not so tiny that it takes 3 hours just to color one page. I’d say the average time on one page is 20 minutes if you are detailed. That’s a good amount of time for a quick relaxation break, especially if you have a stressful job or home life.

So pick up those colored pencils, get yourself the Tropical Travel Patterns Adult Coloring Book, and take a relaxing mental vacation.

Blue Star collaborates with independent illustrators to develop fresh, forward-thinking coloring books, ranging from seasonal offerings like Spirit of Halloween to unique titles like Yoga Kitties and It’s Owl Good.

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If you’ve gotten into coloring, check out Blue Star Coloring books & subscription service.

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