Rainbow Honey February 2016 Mini Mystery Bag Review

Rainbow Honey February 2016 Mini Mystery Bag Review

Custom blended nail lacquers by Rainbow Honey are big 3 free, vegan, never tested on animals.

What is it? A monthly subscription box with custom blended nail lacquers and scented bath products.
Cost: $12.95/mo (Mini); $25/mo (Full-size); $16/mo ‘Just Nails or ‘Just Body’; $15/mo ‘Just Soaps’
Discounts: Savings on 3, 6, & 12 month subscriptions. 1 free month with a 6 or 12 month sub.
Shipping: Included in price. USPS Free for pre-paid subs.
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Rainbow Honey February 2016 Mini Mystery Bag Review

I’ve been receiving Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag for a while and I’ve really liked them all so far. They pack a lot of samlpes into the little bag. My daughter gets excited when it comes in the mail because the scents & colors are so good!

February’s bag contained 5 items:

  • Glitter Topper
  • Violetta Bot Nail Lacquer
  • Flavored Lip Gloss
  • Luvable Pink Hand Sanitizer
  • Luvable Pink Body Lotion

Enclosed is a typed up sheet of the contents, as opposed to the standard info cards in sub boxes.The info sheet not only describes what’s in the Mystery Bags, but a little about what’s new in the Rainbow Honey store, what’s coming up, and any sales going on.

The mini mystery bags always come with 2 polishes. The regular size mystery bags come with three. This month we got PElectric Love Bytes Glitter Topper, and Violetta Bot Nail Lacquer.

The Glitter Topper is an explosion of hot pink and lime glitters in a shimmery clear base.

The Violetta Bot is a liquid metallic purple lacquer, which is part of the Robots Collection.

I have mentioned before that most of their polishes are shimmers & glitters, and I’m undecided on whether I like that or not. I do like plain & matte colors so that I can add my own dazzle occasionally. I do like their formula. All their polishes are 3-free & vegan. It lasts long & goes on easily.

The Luvable Pink Hand Sanitizer is a 1oz bottle. It is alcohol based, quick drying and contains moisturizing agents for frequent use while keeping hands clean and soft.

Lovable Pink is a blend of citrus, pomegranate, violets, pears, vanilla, with a hint of soft musk.

Luvable Pink Body Lotion is formulated with sunflower oil and packed with tons of vitamin E. It helps keep your skin stay hydrated and refreshed.

We received the Corcord Grape Flavored Lip Gloss.  The regular Mystery Bags contained 3 of their flavors, including Strawberry and Dulce De Leche.

The Lip Gloss is super sweet & smells strongly like concord grapes. It’s a rollerball, and goes on liquidy. I couldn’t taste it after using it, but I could smell it.  It’s baby purple tinted.

Overall, once again I am very pleased with this subscription. I had signed up for 6 months because the offer was get one month free with 6 month sign up. I’m happy I did! And, I will definitely renew this when it’s up.

Go to  Rainbow Honey to subscribe today!
A monthly subscription box with custom blended nail lacquers and scented bath products.

Written by: House-Wise
Date published: 03/18/2016
Rating: 4 / 5 stars

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