Majestic Pet Dog Harness

Majestic Pet Dog Harness

Your search for the best no pull dog harness is finally over.

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Majestic Pet Dog Harness

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Perfect for walking, jogging, running or hiking, with no pulling, tugging, or dragging you around. You can maintain control of your dog whether they’re small, medium, or large.

This is a very nice set. The harness is very sturdy, and the leash is long. The large is quite heavy, but I wouldn’t feel as confident in it if it was lighter. Too flimsy. A large dog needs strength in the product.

The harness fits quite well. The only thing I don’t know about is if it’s uncomfortable for her under her arms. It looks like it kind of digs there.

Because the ‘top’ strap that goes over the chest is smaller (to fit), than the ‘bottom’, that goes under her arms, my daughter has a bit of trouble getting this on Sheba. I find it keeps twisting on me, but otherwise very easy to get on her. I’ve had some harnesses that were much more complicated. Once you get it sized, it’s a breeze.

Harness Size Guide:

  • SMALL – 9 inch to 15 inch
  • MEDIUM – 15 inch to 25 inch
  • LARGE – 25 inch to 40 inch

For in between sizes: Choose the smallest size.

I have a full-sized female Rottie. They tend to be on the ‘fluffy’ side, and very broad chested. I bought the large for her. It fit her perfectly, with room for adjustment.

In all honesty, I bought this for the goats. The front of the property isn’t fenced in, and I want to be able for them to go out there to graze. But collars just don’t work well on goats. You need a harness. They are very wide around the chest area, so I thought the large would be good. But this is too heavy for them. So Sheba gets it.

Actually, I think she likes it a lot better than a collar for walking. A collar pulls on the neck, and I know Sheba doesn’t like that. But the harness guides their body, and I think that makes her a lot less uncomfortable.

I felt so confident in the harness & leash, that I let my daughter take Sheba out for a walk which I don’t normally do because the dog outweighs her by more than 30 lbs. Overall, I am very pleased with this harness & leash. For $20, I think it’s a good buy too! Ive spend way more on that for products that weren’t as good of quality. They have an assortment of colors to choose from too.


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