Olivery No-Pul Dog Leash Harness

Olivery No-Pul Dog Leash Harness

FREE ID Tag, Adjustable Heavy Duty Denim Leash Harness for Large/Medium/Small/Extra-Small Pet Training & Everyday Walking

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Olivery No-Pul Dog Leash Harness

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I have harnesses for my dogs, because I just don’t like the idea of pulling a dog by the neck (collar). I can tell the dogs prefer them as well. The walk & behave so much better with a harness than a collar. I also have two dwarf goats. They are escape artists, and I’m always needing to wrangle them & leach walk them back. They have collars on to make this easier for me when they escape, but like dogs, I’d prefer a harness. I got the medium Olivery No-Pull Dog Leash Harness for Smores, my most ornery goat. It’s so much easier now to connect the leash to her, on her back, instead of trying to grab for the collar. They have a tendency to try to getcha with their horns.

This is a really nicely made harness & leash set. It’s thick with two layers, one being of denim, the other nylon. It’s visually appealing. The dog, or in my case goat, needs to step into the harness, which some animals have a bit of an issue with. My one dog did with hers, but after time, got used to it. The clip is very sturdy, and the D-rings that the leash clip on to are sewn in very well. I have no fear of this harness coming off my goat.

I purchased one with the ID tag. The ID tag is adorable. It’s a small bone shape with a pink insert & surrounded by sparkly “diamonds”. However, the cute tag doesn’t go with the scheme of the harness, which has more of a rugged look.

Overall, this is a really nicely made harness & matching leash set, and a lot less expensive than some harnesses themselves.

Are you annoyed by your pet’s pulling or tugging misbehavior?
Do you want to enjoy the freedom of stress-free walks for you and your furry pooch?
Olivery™ Pet Leash and Harness Combo Provides the Best Solution!

Quality Guarantee
  ► Constructed out of two thick layers of blue jeans & red nylon for durability and longevity providing comfort control to your pet.
  ► Made with heavy duty hardware, the clasp that holds the leash to the harness fastens securely, metal is highly resistant to wear and rust
  ► Orange stitch is meticulously executed to ensure precise placement and maximize the strength of the harness and leash.
  ► Crystal ID tag will be the fastest ticket home in case you and your furry pup are separated.

Package Includes:

 1 x Harness
 1 x Leash
 1 x Crystal ID Tag
 1 x Over 90 pages of dog training eBook packed with tips and tricks delivered instantly via email

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