3 Pack Combination Locks

3 Pack Combination Locks

4 Digit Padlock for Luggage Locks,School Gym Locker, Filing Cabinets,Toolbox,Case

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3 Pack Combination Locks

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This is a set of 3 locks. There are 4-digit padlocks included, packaged separately. The 3 Pack Combination Locks, 4 Digit Padlock for Luggage Locks, School Gym Locker, Filing Cabinets, Toolbox, Case are good to have on hand.

The locks are good locks, but the the numbers on the one I’m using are inked poorly. They are easy to set and use. I don’t think I would use these for anything really expensive, but for simple things like lockers, or a filing cabinet, I would. These are pretty big, not small luggage locks.

Set-Your-Own Combination: This combination padlock offers 10000 combinations and discourages the thief to crack the code.

High quality: Steel shackle for strong cut resistance, and you could use for a long time
Suggested uses: Your combination lock is ideal for school, Work, Employee, Office, Home, GYM & Sports locker.

NOTEļ¼šThe instructions is improper: The right way to set your combination is: “Rotate the hasp 90 degrees, then press it down and hold while changing the code.”

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