60 Watt Dimmable Edison Style Light Bulb

60 Watt Dimmable Edison Style Light Bulb

Medium base(E 26) Dimmable Set of 4

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60 Watt Dimmable Edison Style Light Bulb

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OMGosh, I love these bulbs. I didn’t think I’d like them that much, but I do.

These have such an old fashioned look, but at the same time look stylish.  I am a bright white kind of person, but these give an essence of old time. These are great for decoration.

The bulbs have a standard base.  No adapter needed.  Just put them in any lamp you want.  I think however, I might get a nice lamp for these.

Really, really pretty.

These incandescent 60 watt dimmable antique reproduction light bulbs in a four pack showcase the glory of the original 1906 Thomas Edison light bulb design at its finest. The squirrel cage vertical filaments are a thread like design that captures the beauty that changed the world with electric light. The glass has a hand blown design with a light smoke finish that casts an amber glow making these vintage lights warm and inviting. They add a unique decorative look to any space.

These dimmable light bulbs allow you to design your own d├ęcor lighting. Dim them down to a 25 watt look or turn them up to 60 watts to have full lighting. You get to choose your own mood lighting. They capture the glow of vintage lighting with a fresh and new look. These bulbs are perfect for any DYI project and can help update old fixtures or pendant lights. The Edison style pendant lights look great with these dimmable light bulbs. They glow with beautiful amber warmth (light smoke finish).

There really is no need for your DYI project to have a light globe or a lamp shade. You will want to see this vintage light bulb. The environmentally friendly packaging of these 60 watt vintage light bulbs can be easily recycled. The EPE foam can be placed in the recycle bin and the outer packaging is a corrugated paper that also can be placed in the recycle can making the packaging free of environmental guilt.

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