PetsMojo Deshedding Tool

PetsMojo Deshedding Tool

X3, Extra Large, Bright Dark Orange/Royal Blue

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PetsMojo Deshedding Tool

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I was surprised at how well this worked. My daughter brushes the dogs with our regular dog brush until they get tired of it, or nothing else really comes out. Then I used this, and wow… so much undercoat fur appeared in the comb.

The PetsMojo Deshedding Tool X3, Extra Large, Bright Dark Orange/Royal Blue doesn’t seem to bother my Rottie. My daughter raked it across her arm to see, and she said it hurt. So, I don’t know. The dogs are pretty finicky, so I think if it hurt, they’d let me know. The deshedding comb took a lot off of the dog that we thought was brushed out. I need to try this on the goats. They need their winter coat gone.

The head flips around for long or short-haired animals. That’s a really neat feature. With a long-haired cat, and a short-haired dog. It’s helpful to only have to have one tool. The handle is comfortable to hold. It’s really easy to clean after use.

I’m really happy with this deshedding tool.

The PetsMojo Deshedding Tool X3 features stainless steel dual blade technology. The industrial quality stainless steel serrated teeth on each side of the deshedding blade have been designed and spaced accordingly to allow the user to conveniently switch back and forth between coarse and fine hair grooming. The blade teeth with the shortest gap in between each tooth is designed for the removal of loose fine hair. The side of the blade with the larger gap in between the teeth is designed for the removal of loose coarse hair.

Our PetsMojo Deshedding Tool X3 has been professionally designed to give the user a real ergonomic experience. The units are weighted appropriately to assist the user in the downward motion that is required to gather and remove loose hair. The thumb hold has been positioned perfectly to provide optimal dexterity and ease of motion. Your beloved pet will feel safe and secure, even when you have to work gently around the face and ears. We take great pride in the look and feel of our grooming tools, and we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable these PetsMojo Deshedding Tools are to use and navigate throughout the grooming process.

With Consistent and proper ongoing use of the PetsMojo Deshedding Tool X3, you’ll find your pet’s coat becoming healthier than before and the shedding will be dramatically reduce by up to 90%. The benefits are far reaching: the regular grooming sessions provide a great bonding experience for you and your pet, less hair on the furniture and floor coverings make for a healthier, allergen-reduced living environment, and the beautiful luster of your pet’s coat is sure to bring a smile to all that are lucky enough to spend time with him or her.

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