Solar Light by XLUX

Solar Light by XLUX

For Wall, porch, garden, fence, path; Sun powered outdoor Patio Deck Yard lamp, dusk to dawn sensor

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Solar Light by XLUX

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This is a nice outdoor light. I like it.

The light is small, yet bright. It’s a warm light, not a bright white. (Personally I like white-white lights instead). It has an older ‘wrought iron’ look which I really like. The light has a simple construction and is hollow, therefore very light. There is a switch on the inside which must be turned on in order for it to charge. It does need direct sunlight to charge. The light is waterproof, so it’s perfect for outside. The light automatically turn on at night.

These lights work well, and have a great look.

The XLUX S70 solar wall light includes a built-in photo sensor, which detects the level of surrounding nature light and controls when your light will automatically switch on and off. It should be placed at least 1.5 meters apart from one another and away from other night time light sources as this might keep the solar lights from automatically turning on at dusk.
This solar light must be located in an area where they will receive maximum amount of full, direct sunlight every day.

1. Get charged only when switched to ‘ON’.
2. Please put the light under the standard sunlight 6 to 8 hours before using it.
3. Avoid usage in extreme environment, for instance: too high or low temperature/ corrosive environment, otherwise parts may be damaged.

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