AeroBon Inflatable Air Outdoor Couch

AeroBon Inflatable Air Outdoor Couch

Inflates to 40% Faster Than Other Analogues
with Carry Bag – Water-Repellent Portable Chair for Summer Camping Beach – Kaisr Original Laybag

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AeroBon Inflatable Air Outdoor Couch

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This is a great concept, and so many people love it.

I wish I could too. Unfortunately no matter what we tried, we couldn’t get to it inflate past just a bit. We tried swishing it, running with it, and even stood out on a VERY windy day & let the wind blow right into it as it wanted to fly away like a kite. We closed it up quickly, but no matter what, air just didn’t get better than beyond what looked like a deflated air bed. I have not tried using a fan though, as mine is broken. I’ll try that as soon as I can. I don’t know if mine has a hole in it, or it’s just not as easy as they say. I thought I might be doing it wrong so I had others try, but no dice.

It’s lightweight, easy to travel with and store. It comes in cool colors, but I ordered black. I wanted to use this downstairs in the basement for the kids to sit and watch TV on. If I could just get it to inflate, I’m sure I’d love it.

Two people sitting on the ground and savoring the moment – that’s an iconic scene from almost any movie. The subtitle should say “Don’t try this in real life”, cause sitting on the uneven and rigid surface always kills the moment and doesn’t let you relax. Not to mention the black and blue back you risk to have after such an evening.

Fortunately the light-weight and durable AeroBon is here to save the day. Whether it’s a trendy open-air rock festival or a lovely backyard BBQ party you are less than a minute away from a perfect comfort.

Use it:
– when you throw backyard BBQ parties;
– when a friend wishes to crash on your couch for a night;
– if you want to lounge on the beach;
– when you are in the middle of a pool-party;
– when there’s nowhere to sit during the open-air concert;
– when the grass is too damp to sit on the blanket and you want a park picnic badly;
– when you need to get a little homy comfort during a hike in the mountains;
– when the dusty pavement is just not soft enough for you to sit on it!

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