KESEF (TM) Speed Training Agility Ladder

KESEF (TM) Speed Training Agility Ladder

Plus 6 Sports Cones

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KESEF (TM) Speed Training Agility Ladder

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This’ll give you a good workout…your thighs. It will also help with your coordination.

The  KESEF Speed Training Agility Ladder + 6 Sports Cones comes packaged in a nice carry bag. It also comes with 6 cones in the same yellow, and a green thing that I’m assuming the cones might be stored on. It really would be nice if it came with instructions. Instructions are good. Instructions are helpful. A simple piece of paper. My cones were bent (smooshed). And after a week, they still haven’t unbent. All the rungs are pushed together, so you need to separate them the distance you want. It takes a bit of time, but after the initial set up, you can put it away just like that, so it’s ready next time.

I like the length, the color (yellow), and the flat rungs. Especially the flat rungs, because I’m a klutz. This can be used indoors (if you have enough room), or outdoors. It’ll be great come Labor Day for the kid’s obstacle course.

A good addition to my home gym, plus, fun for the kids!

Agility ladders are proven, to help athletes and sportsperson improve upon their foot speed, agility coordination and lateral quickness.  They also help you perk up your body balance. You can easily train your hamstrings, quads, calves, groin, outer thighs, gluteus muscles and hip flexors working out on this agility ladder.

Agility ladders are also known for improving memory and concentration power.  This agility ladder consists of heavy duty plastic rungs and durable nylon straps.  It lies completely flat and alleviates the chances of injuries or twisted ankles.  The ladder is evenly spaced, and it doesn’t twist up. Ladder agility workouts are effective in increasing your speed, agility and coordination.

Now get ready to stand above others in competitions. It is a great piece of equipment for all fitness levels and is targeted towards agility training, conditioning, warming ups and cooling downs.  Now perform in-out drills easily and improve upon your agility skills, get ahead of others and help your team win more.

This product comes bundled with 6 field cone markers to help you in the field for marking sections of the training area, field or pitch. The cones are easy to store and carry; they are 2″ high, bright colored and are easily viewable from a distance.

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