Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator

Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator

Easy@Home 16 mode portable Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager

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Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator

My favorite part of a chiropractor visit is when they put the electrodes on my back. A tens unit is just like that, only without the moist heat. It has done wonders on my back (several injuries) and shoulder & arm muscles that ache (torn rotator cuff). I like the programs of this unit. After 2 weeks, I still haven’t gone through all the variations. What I love most about it is the USB charging. It just makes it so convenient! I also am pleased that included with the unit are 2 storage plates for the electrodes. As you can see, I’m very happy with this TENS unit. It’s compact & has multiple strength settings.

Effective and Safe to use – FDA approved for OTC Use pain relief therapy device. Proven to be a natural & most effective method to relieve the pain without medicine. Powered by Built-in rechargeable batteries. Wall charger is included.

Large Backlit LCD screen displays your treatment and intensity selection, including the 6 types of massage “Tuina, Acupuncture, Tapping, Cupping, Foot Reflexology or Micro Therapy” and total 16 Auto Procedure modes. The display shows the treatment time countdown of the cycle. Choose up to 20 Levels for Power Intensity for each output. It’s fully automatic.

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