Donald TEArump & Hillary ClinTEAn

Donald TEArump & Hillary ClinTEAn


Hillary ClinTEAn Vs. Donald TEArump

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I’m not a fan of politics. Not in the least. But I do think political cartoons are funny, because they ridicule everyone equally. These tea bags are cute, no matter what side of the race you’re on.

Donald Trump tea is called Donald TEArump, and the drawing contains 11 references to him and his campaign. Hillary Clinton tea is called Hillary ClinTEAn, and the drawing contains 11 references to her and her campaign.

The TeaBook sells many types of tea bags encased in humorous envelopes. Agatha ChrisTEA is my favorite so far. They take tea, and make it not only tasty, but fun.

Yes, their tea is tasty. It has a wonderful aroma which makes every sip enjoyable. The flavors are nice, and I never need to add any sweetener to my tea.

The bags fit Fits The TeaBook perfectly. If you don’t know what the TeaBook is, check out their site!

DemocraTEA2106 :Hillary ClinTEAn Vs. Donald TEArump

Pundits, polls & political analysts can’t predict it. But, we at The TeaBook have a better way.

Historically tea leaves have been used to predict the future, now we are using them to predict the US election. Vote now at , Vote Now, Vote Often.
Don’t forget to buy your Teas Below. This will be used as one of our polls.

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