Skinny Jane Weight Loss Kit

Skinny Jane Weight Loss Kit

Quick Slim Kit, Diet Kit, Best Tasting Protein Shakes for Women, Appetite Suppressant Fat Burner Diet Pill, Cleanse and Detox for Fast Weight Loss

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Skinny Jane Weight Loss Kit

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I enjoyed trying this weight loss kit for a week, in addition to [[ASIN:B00KKTHKWW T.K.O. “Knock Out” Best Weight Loss Tea, All Natural Dieter’s Tea, Boosts Metabolism, Cleanses Body, Aids Digestion, Great Addition to Any Diet]].
I received this item from the manufacturer/seller in exchange for an honest review.

I’m not one to do “weight loss” diets, regimes, or kits. I don’t believe in a quick fix. However, I had taken a medication that made me gain 25 pounds in 6 weeks, and although I stopped taking the medicine, I can’t lose the weight. So, I thought maybe a kick start would help. I received the banana flavored shake mix, the burn capsules, the cleanse capsules, and the additional tea. As a whole, I think the kit covers everything. Skinny Jane also has a multi-vitamin, and I think that would round out this kit perfectly.

Like I said, I had the banana shake mix. I have tried so many brands of protein shakes it’s crazy. Even though I don’t ‘diet’, I do have hypoglycemia & have to eat every 2-3 hours. I drink a shake almost every day. I have to say that this banana shake, made with milk, is one of the best supplemental shakes I’ve ever had! It’s a bit light on flavor, I would have liked just a touch more banana. I think the whole milk hides it a bit, but it’s very tasty. I can’t say what it would taste like in water. I didn’t try.

The cleanse pills you take at night. They do work the next day. You’re not cramping, or running to the bathroom. It just helps move things along. I only took one a night instead of 2 since I’m sensitive to GI irregularities like detoxes. The burn is a good one. I honestly felt more energy when taking them. I need to get more of those. They’re better than the CLA I was taking. I’d take them when waking up, and my walk time went from 18 minutes to 14 minutes a mile, when I went for my morning walk about an hour later.

Not included in this kit, but I tried as well is the tea. They have a mint & a peach. The mint is a nice aromatic blend, but the peach is absolutely yummy! I really loved the peach.

Now, about the results. After about 2-3 days I really noticed a difference. It made me happy, which did what I had hoped, kick start me on better eating & more exercising. I lost a couple pounds and felt like I was moving forward. A couple days later, my husband got real sick & it was real stressful, and I stopped with the regimen, ate a bunch of emotional carbs, felt like crap, & gained the weight back. A few days later I picked myself back up and started again. Once again I felt better after 2-3 days, and moved forward again. I didn’t lose a big amount of weight, but then again, I didn’t stick with it continuously. I can honestly say, that when I was taking everything I felt better, ate less, felt more energetic, and the bloating was going away. If you can stick with it, I think that this can help kick start shedding the pounds & give you the energy and motivation to eat better & exercise to lose more.

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