e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

Modern, Ergonomic, Dimmable

Warm/ Cool White

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e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

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This is a really, really nice lamp. This is from a high-end company, and is not some cheap big box store lamp.  The lamp has a lot of features.  It’s an LED, and has a life span of 17 years if you use it for 8 hours a day.  Wow!

This desk lamp is beautiful. A work of art itself. My photos don’t do it justice.  The room this is going into is getting re-done, and so I had to take a photo of the lamp on the floor.  Honestly, it is a beautiful blue.  They have other colors as well. Red, green, gold, and silver.

The lamp came packaged great, and is easy to put together.  The base is heavy.  This lamp is not tipping over!  You turn it on & off by touching the silver loop on the top of the lamp.  It fades off, and comes on immediately to the brightness it was last on.  You can switch between warm (yellowish) light, and cool (blueish) light.  The lamp is fully dimmable.  There is a knob on the top to adjust brightness.  The lamp also has an eye-strain feature.  When on, it adjusts the brightnessto the ambient light.  This is great for reading either from a monitor, ereader, or paper.

This is an awesome desk lamp.  I really want the floor lamp version!

BYE-BYE BURNOUT: With BenQ’s lighting technology, our LED panels will give you 50,000 hours of lifespan. That’s 8 hours a day, for 17 years!

MOOD LIGHTING: The BenQ e-Reading Lamp can easily be switched from warm tones for casual reading, to the cooler tones for concentration and work. With the twist of a knob, you can choose the right lighting suitable for concentration and productivity or for relaxation.

ZEROFLICKER TECHNOLOGY: The BenQ e-Reading Lamp provides constant and flicker-free illumination and no more unstable lighting to harm your eyes.

SMART LIGHTING: The BenQ e-Reading lamp has a built-in ambient sensor. With a longer touch of the control ring, the sensor automatically detects the light levels of the room and adjusts its brightness accordingly. Don’t know what is the best lighting for your screen reading? This e-Reading mode will smartly do the job for you.

FLEXIBILITY: The BenQ e-Reading Lamp has a ball-joint that optimizes the flexibility of the lamp cap, plus highly durable torque springs and precision friction control to counter-balance the weight. You can adjust the light to the exact angles you need.

150% WIDER: BenQ’s Smile Curve Technology delivers a 150% wider lighting coverage, creating an expansive illuminated area that clocks in at a 35-inch light range and an illuminance of 1800 lux. Say goodbye to eye-strain and screen glare, and enjoy a comfortable, stable and evenly-distributed illumination with the BenQ e-Reading lamp.

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