Book Review: Molding Men

Book Review: Molding Men

I finished this book about a week ago. I couldn’t write a review immediately. Like a fine wine, I had to savor the taste of it before giving my opinion.

The book’s genre is paranormal thriller, but it is on the edge of historical fiction. Whether or not the nuances of the history in this book are true or elaborated, the way it is written, I believe every word. I did ask my husband ( history biff) about some of the history I read in the book, and he said, yes, that is true. So I believe Ronan did his research on this. The description is so clear and…. frightful.

I’ll say right off the bat, I dislike anything that has to do with history of war. When I was asked to read this, I balked. Quite a bit. WWII angers me to no end, and I thought for sure that would cloud my judgement of this book. I have to say that although I despise the setting, the writing of this drama really overtook my opinion of the book. Meaning, I love the book DESPITE the setting.

The setting is Dresden, Germany during the height of the Nazi Regime. The main characters are in a story of horror, hope, and desperation. A simple family, caught in the middle of hell, and just trying to make it through without losing themselves in the process. Or dying. The characters are so well developed you feel like you are there with them. That you know them personally. You feel emotion towards them when something happens to them. They aren’t just characters. They’re your friends.

The antagonist, The Historian, is of a paranormal nature. You never truly find out what exactly he is. He plays his story in the background. He manipulates the people, and you find yourself thinking about that little devil on your shoulder. I did feel like The Historian’s role in the book was a little underplayed. He didn’t appear enough in the story to be a ‘paranormal thriller’. Perhaps in book two we’ll see just a tad more of him *hint, hint*

Ronan paints a very in-your-face and pulse-quickening picture of this time in history. All aspects are covered from the soldiers, families, Jews, supporters, the opposition, the children, to Hitler himself. He doesn’t play down any aspect. The action scenes are very well written. You can almost smell the smoke and hear the screaming. The book had me enthralled, and I just wanted to read more…. which surprised the hell out of me.

I received this book at no cost, but with no promise to review.

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