Coloring-On-The-Go Wild Nature

Coloring-On-The-Go Wild Nature

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Coloring-On-The-Go Wild Nature

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I really like this pocket coloring book.  It has a sturdy backing, so you can color anywhere.  The designs range from teeny-tiny patterns, to bigger, broader areas to color.  There are plenty of pages to chose from.  It includes a pouch to protect your book while on the road.

✓ HIGH-QUALITY THICK and HEAVY PAPER BOOK– This durable coloring books for adults, has high-quality thick and heavy paper so you can enjoy the best quality when coloring. You can use Gel pen, Markers, Color Pencils, Water Color Pencils and more and Ensured that the pages do not bleed through when using those. Comfortable Size for Coloring 8.3×5.11Inches21x13cm.
✓ 74 BEAUTIFUL DESIGNED COLORING PAGES – Those lovely stress relieving coloring pages are designed by best artists all over the world and gather for this Amazing Peace of Art. So you can enjoy this moment.
✓ INNOVATIVE DURABLE DESIGN – Every book in the series coloring-on-the-go comes with a canvas pouch so you can easy carry it anywhere: in a purse, briefcase, or tote. Its hardcover and spiral bound format make it easy for you to color everywhere: in a car, plane, boat, or train -wherever you are. This series makes a lovely birthday gift, Mother or Father’s Day gift, or Christmas gift. Comfortable Size for Coloring 8.3×5.11Inches21x13cm.
✓ GOLDEN RATIO – GOLDEN RECTANGLE PROPORTION- This Book Golden Rectangle proportion cover will take you for an aesthetically pleasing peaceful journey by connecting to the Divine Proportion through coloring. The golden ratio has earned a tremendous reputation. Many artworks from Michelangelo to DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, the Pyramids at Giza, and even the Apple logo, are said to be designed on the Golden Ratio, also called the Divine Proportion.

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