Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Kit

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Kit

Product review of MONOLIT 100pcs Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Kit…

Crimping connecters with heat shrink. A two-in one. I like. Assorted sizes and color coded. Easy to use. Crimps well, holds well, and shrinks well for a tight fit. What’s not to like?

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WATERPROOF – Insulation tubing has unique dual-walled design: polyolefin tubing on the outside and hot melt adhesive inside. When heat is applied, polyolefin tubing reduces in size and adhesive flows inside the insulation. Dual walled tubing ensures waterproof seal and prevents wire corrosion
DURABILITY – The barrel is created from one seamless piece of copper that eliminates the problem of the barrel opening. Translucent heat shrink tubing provides high tensile strength as well as resistance to stretch and mechanical damage
EXCELLENT WIRE CONTACT – copper barrel provides increased current flow, and ensures less voltage drop, preventing wiring failures and reducing equipment downtime. Thick barrel ensures strong crimp every time – your wire will never slip out of the connector
EASY IDENTIFICATION – Color-coded tubing makes it easy to identify the right size of the connector for every application.
WIDELY USED – These work great for automotive, marine, and many other applications.

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