Just One Line of Caulk

Just One Line of Caulk

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Just One Line of Caulk

Just one line of caulk can make the entire room look so much better!  Seriously.  You run a line of caulk along the window and wall, or the counter and wall, and suddenly the room looks so much nicer.  Cleaner.  And so simple.  Can you tell I’ve been caulking?

I’ve just about finished the kitchen.  There was a strip of the wall next to the fridge that I forgot to paint, and I need to paint over what I caulked along the counter’s back splash.  Other than that, I did not do the ceiling.  It’s on my to do list, but honestly, I’m so over the project that it’s gonna have to wait.  The sink has been giving me fits.  The last sink was a composite sink, and just sat in the hole.  We bought a stainless sink.  Stainless sinks are really light, so they use rails & clips.  The hole in the counter isn’t big enough for those rails to sit in it.  So, until we can cut the counter top *bites nails*, the sink is temporarily hooked up.

It snowed yesterday.  It was cold & yucky, so I didn’t get much done.  The oven was suppose to be delivered, after being delayed, but they never showed up.  Seems it wasn’t on the truck’s manifest.  Argh.  Hopefully it will be here today.  They say between 3 and 5. We took the old one out Saturday.  Thankfully I have a toaster oven, since it’s not like I can just go get fast food (the nearest one is 45 minutes one-way).

The sun is out today and the snow is melting.  Yay!  I just wish the depression wasn’t strangling me.  It’s horrible around my birthday.  I just want to run away right now.  Take a road trip and decompress.  I love road trips.  I didn’t get to take one this year.  This would have been a perfect time, but I just couldn’t work it out.  Too much going on.

I can’t even get into Black Friday shopping.  I LOVE Black Friday.  Because of the great sales, I can purchase things that our family would normally never be able to afford.  Clothes, household items, bedding and other needs.  But I just can’t motivate.  I feel like someone is physically holding me down.  It took me days just to get the uumph to write here.  And I haven’t posted my reviews that are waiting.  I’m slacking bad.  It’s not because I’m lazy, I just feel like I’m captured in a jar and can’t get out.

I’m trying though, with projects.  It keeps me busy and helps. Like the kitchen.  Next I will continue with the master bath.  It’s also a work in progress.  I’ve also been working in the garage, working on the gutters, and doing the basement.  However, it’s going very, very, very slowly.  But I’m pushing myself.  I have to if I don’t want to fall into the darkness.

Life isn’t helping though.  Yesterday my son found a crack in his front tooth. Greeeaaat.  We have a dentist appointment at the ass-crack of dawn on Saturday.  I couldn’t drive the icky melted-on roads today in my car, and they had nothing available for Friday.  I hope it’s fixable.  My anxiety is through the roof.  I mean, it’s not like he does anything like sports. *sigh*

I’ve started up with the Bonez Brotherz again, but I’ve been slacking on that too.  Damn.  I love posing the skellys.  If I could just get a push!

Because of the new fridge and oven, I got out all my cookbooks that were packed up, sorted them, and have them on the shelves.  I haven’t really cooked in such a long time.  Hardly at all since moving here.  Cereal has been our main staple.

I also have been getting my cookie & treat list ready.  I rarely bake the same cookies each year.  I always try new recipes.  Honestly, there are more bad recipes than good ones, but I like to try new ones anyway.  I do have a few favorites that I make every year like Hershey’s Kiss Cookies, and Rum Balls.  Hopefully I’ll get into the groove soon!

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