Big Fat Fail

Big Fat Fail

Daily musings….

Can I just say, it frustrates me to no end when reading recipe reviews, and people write, “I changed this, and this, and added that, and removed this” to the point that it’s not even close to the original recipe, and then say something along the lines of how much they didn’t like “the recipe”, and then give it one or two stars.  Argh!

It’s that time of year when I peruse recipes online.

Although I have known this for a while, I have realized how much it really affects my life.  That I get bored easily.  If a project takes longer than a couple hours, I won’t finish.  If I have to plan something ahead of time, by the time it comes around to doing it, I’m not interested anymore.  I think it’s gotten worse lately too.  I wasn’t like that too much when I was younger.  I have absolutely no patience or attention span.   It kinda sucks.  I look forward to doing ‘stuff’…. and then I don’t.

This is why I have so many projects going on at once.  Yesterday I spent the day working in the basement.  There is so much to do!  It had become a sort of limbo storage place.  Now I have everything organized, and most of my gym set up.  There is still plenty to do, but I won’t go back to it until I spontaneously decide to.  Some other day. That’s just how I am.

I don’t know what I’m going to do yet today.

I do have to bake a rum cake for my husband.  They’re having their annual potluck Christmas party at work tomorrow, and the theme is Caribbean/tropical”.  Rum cake, I can do.  I still can’t find my recipes, but I found one online that seems pretty close.  Hence the recipe search I talked about earlier.

Now I want rum cake.  Maybe I’ll make two. 😉

I go a little overboard….

I still need to get moving on my cookie baking.  Every time I start, I get a big fat fail.  It’s been frustrating not having my tried & true recipes to use.  I just can’t find them anywhere!  It’s still such a big mess here, even though I feel like I’m working my butt off every day.  Every year I make cookie platters for friends & neighbors around Christmas…. And I’m running out of time!

It’s going to be warm today, so I need to finish the outside decorations.

Until tomorrow….


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