January 2017 Snack Sack Review & 20% off coupon

January 2017 Snack Sack Review & 20% off coupon


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January 2017 Snack Sack Review

Have you heard of Snack Sack?  It’s one of my favorite subscription boxes.  Healthy snacks delivered each month.  I get to try new brands and flavors of products I’ve never heard of, or that aren’t available locally.

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Each month you will see anywhere from 11-15 snacks. An excellent value and variety.  You never know what you’re going to get.  Anything from chips, to bars, to drinks.  I’ve been getting Snack Sack for over a year, and I’ve never been disappointed!

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I’m reviewing January’s box here. I will be reviewing February’s box soon. I have been laid up in bed after an accident, and so I didn’t get this review up last month. But, it’s still a great way to see if this is something you may like to subscribe to!

January’s box included:

  • Crunchy Rob’s
  • Torie & Howard
  • Earnest Eats
  • Bite Fuel
  • DippinChips
  • Mrs. Thinster’s
  • Dr. Pops
  • Coffee Blocks
  • Wild Garden

What I’ve noticed new about Snack Sack, is on their info card, they have added the cost of each item.  This helps you decide if it’s something you think would be worth to purchase in the future.  And of course, their snacks always come in a reusable burlap sack!

The package of Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn is pink.  This definitely makes it stand out.  It’s gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and non-gmo.  It’s a large .65oz bag weighing in at 90 calories.

Chewie Fruities by Torie & Howard are like a healthier Starburst candy.  There were 4 in my box.  They are gluten-free and mom-gmo.  They taste good.

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The Apple Ginger Trail Bar from Earnest Eats is heavy.  It’s 1.9 oz, wheat-free, vegan, and has 4g fiber.  It’s also gluten-free, has 5g protein, and 14g sugar.

I’ve had Bite Fuel’s granola before, and it’s quite tasty.  This is Red Berry Protein Granola Trail Mix.  It contains cranberries, cherries, and almonds.  It’s a 1.5oz snack, and carries 10g of protein.

Bite Fuel’s Power Bites Peanut Butter Protein Cookies is a large 3oz bag.  They are non-gmo, gluten-free, and high in protein with 18g. They have no high-fructose corn syrup. The package contains 3 servings of 3 cookies.

Dippin’ Chips Veggie Tortilla Chips include kale, carrot, & spinach. Unfortunately the “Best Buy” date was only for a month after the box arrived.  This is something that I don’t like, because I’m not going to eat everything inside the box that fast.  I’d be fat if I did that…. I don’t care how healthy the snacks are.  These are a good chip for a savory green or cheesy dip.  They are sturdy & crunchy.

I love Mrs. Thinster’s.  I haven’t had a flavor I don’t like.  These are chocolate chip.  They are crunchy crisps.  They are non-gmo and have no corn syrup in them.  The package is 80 calories.

Dr. Pops are lollipop dietary supplements for kids.  They are all natural, with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and no added sugar.  Each package contains 2 individually wrapped lollipops.  These clearly state “sample only” on the package.  Samples are usually free, so I’m not understanding the cost of $3.30 on the info sheet.

Better Butter Coffee Block from Coffee Block sounds interesting.  You squeeze it into a mug, add ht water, mix, and drink.  I guess this is going from the fad of adding butter to coffee, which I never have tried.  It’s a whopping 210 calories, and 18g of saturated fat.  That’s 80% of your daily recommended allowance.  No thanks.

Wild Garden’s Roasted Garlic Hummus & Sea Salt Pita Chips come in a little snack box.  Perfect for lunch.    It’s natural, with easy to read ingredients.  It has only 3g of sugar, yet 8g of protein.  They also carry 5 other flavors if you like this one.

All in all, a pretty good box.  I get to try some new brands, and new flavors of brands I’ve had before.

Don’t forget, sign up for March today using discount code SPRING to save 20%!

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