Meet Duckie

Meet Duckie

Meet Duckie. He’s the son of my Ancona, Tommy (RIP). I’m Momma Duck to him. He imprinted on me after hatching. He’s the first duck egg that hatched and survived from the incubator. Hatching waterfowl in this dry climate is a lot harder than hatching chickens. His mom died, and I was trying to hatch the eggs she left in her nest. He’s always followed me around, and comes running when he sees me.Image and video hosting by TinyPic


He has this habit which I cannot find any reference to….. He nibbles at me. (He also now nibbles my son, but no one else in the family.) If he sees me, he runs up to me & nibbles at me. Every day.

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My legs, my hands, and if I’m not careful like this morning, my lip. Yup, he got my top lip good this morning. Have you ever seen a duck’s bill? It’s serrated, like a knife. Those little serration hurt when they scrape along your skin. Image and video hosting by TinyPicThey also have a little hook at the tip o their bill.  It pinches when they bite. He doesn’t nibble to hurt me, but ouch. He’s given me numerous blood blisters over the last couple years with his ‘love bites’. But I love him. He’s a sweet duck; he lets me hold him, and comes when I call him. He likes to be held over the shoulder like a baby.  He’s like a cat, doing figure-eights around my legs when I walk. I think the nibbles are his way of saying, “Hi”, or “Pay attention to me!”.

His best friend is Lucy (yes, ducks have BFFs). I manually hatched Lucy the same time Duckie was born, and they’ve been pals ever since. Lucy is in the background of above pic, Bruce and Original are in the background below.

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