The Naked Dog Box Review

The Naked Dog Box Review

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The Naked Dog Box Review

The Naked Dog Box is a subscription service that delivers a perfect amount of dog food for exactly 14 days for your dog.  

The box we received was personalized for our dog Sheba.  She’s a 6yr old Rottie, and about 80 pounds.  We received a huge 14lb bag of salmon & chickpea flavored food.  The kibbles are bite-size, which are great because my other dog, Annabelle, loves little bits.  She’s a 9yr old basset.  

The bag is a plain brown bag without fancy labeling.  It does have a lot number on the bag, so two-thumbs up for that.  


Sheba was curious about the scoop

Also included in our box was a large scoop to take the guesswork out of portion control.  The instructions say to feed one scoop in the morning, and one at night.  (or two in the morning for all-day grazing).

When signing up, they ask you the weight of your dog, activity level, whether it’s a puppy, adult, or senior,  and whether or not they are under- or overweight which personalizes your box.  If you have more than one dog, they do that too.

You can choose from different flavors, or a different portion size.  The boxes start at $18, and are calculated on the amount of food your pet needs every two weeks.

The  NAKED kibble is a premium, grain-free, potato-free, “no corn, no wheat, no soy,” Limited Ingredient Diet (L.I.D.) dry dog food that’s made in the USA.

Our dogs absolutely loved the food!  Both dogs can be a bit picky about food in their own way, but neither hesitated gobbling this up.

For each box, you can also choose add-ins, such as waste bags, flea and ticket medicine, or a new collar and leash combo.

Every box includes a surprise toy or treat!

We received a bag of Tricky Trainers, a chewy treat from cloud star.  Our dogs really enjoyed these, and begged for more.  They are salmon flavor, and only 3 calories per treat.

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The Naked Dog Box dog food is Grain-free, gluten-free, and entirely free of potatoes, corn, and soy, the best low in sugar formula to help your dog maintain a healthy glycemic index.  It’s a single protein source hypoallergenic food (a limited ingredient diet), and it’s all natural, cooked in California. 

If you want to feed your dogs good, natural, wholesome food, and like the idea of a fresh bag being delivered every two weeks, this box is definitely something to look into!

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