The New House-Wise

The New House-Wise

The House Wise / Deer Tales blog is going through a major overhaul.  Changing from Blogger to WordPress is quite time consuming.  We’re in the process of making the blog more aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining optimum usefulness to our readers. WordPress streamlines this unlike Blogger.

The blog is coming along nicely.  I’m making posting easier on myself so that I don’t balk at the intricacies of making a simple post.  I had different coding for each type of post, and it was just too much.   There are quite a few things here I must still work on, but it is up & running now.  Thank you for your patience.  I still need to redo many pages.  I’m trying to make the blog more interesting, yet want to keep it simple.

I’ve also been working on social media.  Getting up to speed on posts, follows, inactive accounts, etc.  I need to still get more followers, which is slow.  But, it’s all about the numbers when a company looks at you for advertising.  There are a lot of things I post on each separate social media channel that I don’t post on the blog.  It’s quicker than to make a huge post, and sometimes it’s just a small tidbit that doesn’t need an entire blog posting anyway. Social media is a fast highway of information.

I have also been designing & imputing contact spreadsheets.  Doing reviews and product shouts for small businesses can become overwhelming without the proper organization.  Each have their own social media accounts, hashtags, and websites.  I don’t just do a review & forget about them, I continually shout out.  There are always new followers, or someone who didn’t see the initial review.

I have integrated my “fun” Deer Tales page/blog with House Wise.  It was just too complicated running both.  So now, the product reviews will be interlaced with happenings around the homestead.  Liven things up a bit.  Deer Tales has to do with this city girl living on a mini homestead out in the middle of nowhere.  I started it up almost 6 years ago.  I’ve kind of let it slide, but have been trying to get back into it, because I find it interesting.  The things you don’t know until you live it!

Lists are my friend.  I have been making lots of lists, figuring out what to add and remove from blog and social media postings.  Trying to decide what people actually want to read about, and what they want to see.  It’s a slow process, and I keep getting distracted.  Sometimes I feel I want to post too much, others not enough.  I’m thankful for automatic scheduling.

Hopefully followers will enjoy the new House-wise. I hope to draw in new viewers as well. I will get up some new reviews soon, along with tips and tricks of home, and homesteading life.  Hopefully in another week or so, we’ll be rolling ahead at a good clip.

Our main focus is sharing reviews of products and books. We also write profiles of services. We share tips and tricks of not only home life, but also homesteading life. We talk of fitness, children, and pets. We share coupons to help you keep in budget while splurging for something you wouldn’t normally buy. We also have a section listing recalls, which I believe are important. I try to post recipes when I can. We post silly stats, crazy holidays, and ‘what happened today in history’ on our social media to keep it lighthearted and fun.

You’ll see me use the two hashtags, #DeerTales and #housewisereview on everything from Twitter to Goodreads, to the blog.  This is so items posted from us can be easily found.  I’ve tried to use hashtags that no one else had used before.  You’ll also see another hashtag, #BonesBrothers.  This is my skelly fun that I’ve been doing for a few years. I started it on Deer Tales.  It’s been sporadic of late, but I hope to start it back up again.  It’s so much fun You can find them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

House-Wise currently consists of me, I go by Beach, my husband MrSuggleBunny, my son, my daughter, Annabelle our 9yr old Basset Hound, Sheba our 6yr old Rottweiler, 3 cats, 36 chickens, 9 ducks, 4 turkeys, 3 geese, 2 goats, 2 guineas, 2 llamas, and 2 partridges….. in a pear tree.

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