We’re makin’ the switch…..

We’re makin’ the switch…..

We’re makin’ the switch…..

If you’ve noticed that we’ve been quiet, it’s because we’re switching over to WordPress. Well that, and I’ve had a cold which kicked my butt.  What does a new site mean?  It means a new url.  But it’s worth it. It also means more streamlines content without all the monotonous background work.  It means better categorization, and ease of organization.

Redesigning everything takes time, and I haven’t had time to work on any new reviews. I’ve just been sitting here at the magic box, playing with widgets and coding. For days. It’s frustrating, yet fun.  I will get a few reviews up this week, posting on both blog sites. Hopefully by the weekend, I should be up and running over on the other site, and will change all the links.

Thank you for you patience!

You can find us here: http://housewise.x10.bz


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